It can be a common trait among small business owners to keep things on a smaller scale and at a perspective that they can easily manage and sustain. Many still stick to traditional ways and old-fashioned strategies in running their business. Many are content with the revenues generated from this marketing medium, barely enough to generate even a decent ROI.

But in a world of smartphones, touchscreens and one-click shopping, traditional marketing tactics won’t cut it anymore. If you persist in this path, you’ll find yourself exerting too much effort and resources but end up earning meager profits that are not even commensurate with the investments you poured in.

Wise business owners that survive the times go for adding a digital mix to their marketing efforts. One of the most effective channels that can generate the best kind of engagements with targeted customers is email marketing. This claim is just but logical as email is the most common online activity performed by as much as 90% of all Internet users.

what do users do on the internet

 Source: Business Marketing Blog

Now, this would present both an opportunity and a problem. With this much email users existing, expect the volume of emails sent on a daily basis to reach staggering proportions – more than 144 billion email messages sent every day. Not all these are relevant emails that targeted readers need but will also include emails sent by spammers, scammers and every other unscrupulous online individual in-between.

But what’s common with all these emails? They all vie for the recipients’ attention. If you’re doing the same or have the same intention of reaching out to targeted readers, you’ll find yourself facing a difficult time – unless you separate yourself from all the clutter and the noise. You can do so with an effective email marketing strategy.

The following discusses 6 key tactics on how you can overcome this challenge and get through to your targeted audiences using effective email marketing strategies.

  1. Send Only Professional and Relevant Emails

It may be quite obvious but it is also too important that it warrants constant repetition and prioritization – the emails you send to your recipient list should be relevant, professionally written and visually appealing. Funny how many traditional marketers send emails to targeted customers and prospects that end up in the trash or spam folder because they were poorly created.

If you’re reaching out to customers, particularly hot leads that you are trying to convert as paying customers, it is but logical and imperative that you send quality material that they will actually open and read. So, what are the attributes of a high-quality email? The following can give you an idea:

  • It should be professionally designed with ease of reading in mind. The design should be clean, with no obtrusive elements, and a professional-looking color scheme that is not too funky or fancy.
  • You can work with professional providers to help you create professional-looking branded emails. If budget is an issue, you can make use of templates provided by email programs like what we are offering here.
  • There should be enough images as necessary. The email should not be overloaded with too many images that will make it appear like spam mail. Your images should help make your emails visually interesting and stimulating. Images should help tell your story.
  • The email is written in a conversational tone. Emails should also be well-written, grammatically correct and discusses things that are relevant to your targeted recipients.
  • There should be an online version or a printable version of your email which recipients can directly go to through an appropriate link provided in the emails themselves.
  • The emails should have proper calls to action that will tell your recipients exactly what they should do next after receiving and digesting your email
  • All your emails should have a proper unsubscribe or opt-out button should recipients no longer want to receive further emails.
  1. Responsible Personalization

Personalization to some extent can boost the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns, giving you the potential of earning 25% to 35% higher click-through-rates as well as a considerable 15% to 25% increase in sales conversion rates. However, personalization can only be effective if you have already developed certain levels of relationship with your targeted customers.

To make emails more “personalized”, most autoresponders have this feature that allows emails to automatically insert the name of the recipient in email’s content. If you’re simply faking familiarity with your recipients using this method, research from Temple’s Fox School of Business indicate that this may cause more harm than good to your overall email marketing campaign.

According to the study, intimacy and familiarity are developed through real interactions, and faking it will turn your intended recipients off. Worst, recipients may brand and report you as a spammer, scammer, or a proponent of identity theft, fraud, and other malicious online activities.

  1. Social Media Integration

Aside from developing familiarity with targeted audiences through real-life interactions, favorable action from email recipients can also be achieved by integrating Social Media into your email system, starting with the inclusion of social sharing buttons with your emails. This is one of the best ways to initiate engagement with targeted audiences as studies show that the mere inclusion of social sharing buttons increases click-through-rates by as much as 158%.

  1. Subject Lines that Generate Action

What’s the first thing your email recipients see when they receive emails? – The Subject Line.

Your intended recipients should already get an idea of what your email contains through information provided in the subject line. Impact Branding and Design highlighted that as much as 33% of people with email accounts open emails according to what the subject line is telling them.

So, how long should your subject line be? In a research conducted by Adestra, subject lines with less than 10 characters actually do get over a higher open rate of 58%, compare to subject lines with 60 to 70 characters. The effectiveness of short subject lines proved its worth during President Barack Obama’s fundraising campaign through emails, generating engagements from recipient with a simple “Hey” and “Wow” subject.

  1. Go Mobile!

If your emails are not optimized for mobile devices, you’ll be losing out big time from great marketing mileage generated by mobile email users. Mobile use is an incredible phenomenon that’s sweeping the entire globe. Emails that do not look good on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets get deleted instantly by as high as 63% of all consumers in the United States, according to reports from Return Path.

In another report, this time from email marketing company Litmus, it was highlighted that up to 47% of all email opens where executed through the email recipients’ mobile device. That’s a very high figure that you can potentially miss out on if your emails are not mobile-friendly. So, if you want to generate favorable actions from this very dynamic group of mobile email users, make sure your email system will look good on all devices.

  1. Re-Engage. Re-Connect

Reports highlighted that as much as 63% of a typical email list is practically inactive, even if they remain subscribed to your emails or newsletters. The key to maintaining engagement from this people is to conduct re-engagement campaigns which email marketing agency Listrak described as an activity that should be done during the first 90 days after a subscriber signs up with your list.

There are several digital marketing tools available that business owners and digital marketers can tap to reach out and connect with targeted audiences. Some may be effective while others may not create a big impact on the business or niche you are engaged in.

Email marketing, on the other hand, is universal and can be used by digital marketers on all campaigns regardless of business or industry. Choosing and executing any of these tactics well can be a great investment of your time and resources that deliver results.