In this highly evolved and interconnected world, digital marketing emerged as the top marketing and advertising channel businesses of practically every size and industry has implemented in one form or another.

There are many tools available: from organic inbound marketing using Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, to paid advertising channels like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Paid Social Ads.

There is one very powerful digital marketing tool however that has not taken the limelight for quite some time now, and yet is very effective enough to deliver results that in effect could be better than other more popular digital marketing channels available.

What i’m referring to here is Email Marketing, a communication platform 88% of B2B marketers are still using and which 59% claim as the most effective digital marketing channel for generating revenue.

It should be made clear that email marketing is different from spam emails as it involves sending of emails to subscribers of a newsletter or email lists which they voluntarily signed up with.

Whatever communication goals a business or organization may have, Email Marketing can be the primary channel they can use for getting the results they want.

Whether the tool is used for creating brand awareness or for conducting follow-through communication with prospective leads, Email Marketing is powerful enough for helping businesses achieve their goals.

That’s how powerful Email Marketing is which will be discussed in greater detail in the following:

Infographic indicating stats related to the power of email marketing

1. Email is Used by a LOT of People

One of the most powerful attributes of Email Marketing is its tremendous reach, which is based on the fact that up to 91% of Internet users age 18 to 64 use email.

There are more than 2.4 billion email users worldwide, 147 million of which are in the United States, and up to 91% of which check their emails at least once every day.

These are staggering numbers that attest to the tremendous power email marketing has as a digital marketing tool.

And it doesn’t end there.

The number of registered email users from across the globe is forecasted to reach figures of up to 4.9 billion accounts by the end of 2017.

These figures could grow even more exponentially considering the fact that having an email account is the primary gateway or prerequisite for registration to social media sites, online gaming portals, mobile apps and other online channels.

So, expect a relentless growth in email marketing that is already happening right here right now.

2. Email Marketing is More Cost-Effective than Other Internet Marketing Mediums

Many traditional businesses still make use of Direct Mail channels for communicating or marketing to prospects and customers despite the availability of digital marketing channels.

The reason for this is that for quite some time, Direct Mail has been beating its digital counterparts in terms of response rates by as much as 10 to 30 times.

These figures however are continuously dropping by more than 25% in recent years and will continue to do so in light of better digital marketing channels and the prohibitive costs of direct mail which can go as high as 20x that of email.

Email has gained steady ground as the more viable and more cost-effective channel for communication, delivering ROI figures of $45.65 for every $1 spent which is practically higher than direct mail, telemarketing and even the more popular digital marketing channels.

This makes email marketing a practical, sustainable and logical digital marketing tool of choice especially for budget limited small and medium industries.

3. Email Marketing Delivers High Engagement Rates

One of the powerful attributes of email marketing is that the sending of emails to a subscriber list generates higher response and engagement rates compared to other channels.

As much as 23.63% of recipients of emails from a list they subscribe to open their mail box within the hour of receiving the message. A Forrester study confirms this, highlighting that 200 people out of every 1000 recipient will open the emails they receive from an email list they subscribed to.

This high response rate will eventually be translated to higher engagement rates, resulting in an average of 3.75 page views and comparative conversion rates by as much as 2.9%.

Engagement is among the top 3 important email marketing goals by companies according to a recent marketing trends survey. Digital marketers in the UK are experiencing practically the same thing, generating as much as 22.87% open rate and up to 3.26% click through rates.

4. Email Marketing Delivers High Conversion Rates

As mentioned earlier, email marketing delivers higher engagement rate which will eventually lead to higher conversion rates.

Latest research show that these rates can go as high as 40 times greater effectiveness for conversion or attracting new customers compared to the popular Facebook and Twitter – combined.

What this implies is that leads generated by email marketing have higher chances for conversion compared to leads generated by social media and other channels.

5. Email Marketing Generates Higher Sales

Another very powerful attribute of email marketing is that leads generated through this channel will actually spend more once they decided to buy.

This is confirmed by studies conducted by Forrester which indicate that up to 3.5% of recipients opening their emails will eventually lead to an actual purchase of the product or service.

The effectiveness of email marketing for generating higher sales stems from the fact that you are sending emails to a subscriber list who has actually given you permission to send them emails or regular updates.

The positive responses these recipients perform are generated because they are already interested in what you have to offer.

6. Email Marketing Keeps Customers Coming Back

Up to 48% of consumers identify email as the primary communication channel they prefer when engaging and communicating with a brand.

Through email marketing, you can regularly update your recipients with valuable information about your industry, products and services that is relevant to them and have some level of interest in.

This will develop a higher level of trust from your customers and creating a relationship that will foster recurring purchases and referrals that will bring even more satisfied customers in – and keep returning for more.

In this highly competitive world where digital technologies is the norm, small and medium businesses must define and utilize more effective ways for engaging, nurturing and developing healthy relationships with their prospective and existing customers.

Email has been one of the earlier forms of digital communication available and email marketing has been as powerful and effective now as it has been years ago – delivering favorable results that will help drive businesses closer to achieving their marketing goals.